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Its eerie, it really is.

Outside, a thin layer of soot covers the vehicles in my apartment complex. The ashes have taken residence in the spider webs among the flowers. The ground is dark and everywhere you look footprints tell the story of a world that strives to keep going though disaster strikes so near.

This morning I stepped out and almost gagged. The sun made a valiant effort to break through the gray smog in the sky but only succeeded in leaving an orangish tint to light the morning. The air is thick, heavy and you can taste the remains as you breathe it in. Was it a house? A tree? Someone's photo album? Well you try to turn off those thoughts before they get out of hand.

The sounds you normally expect to hear on a Sunday morning are not there. The happy chatter outside Holy Family Catholic Church. The ping of softballs coming off aluminum bats from the park across the street. But most striking are the lack of children's voices playing outside. A family walks past you on their way to church, the mother holding a dirty wet rag to her infant's face.

The winds are not dying down, you hear the weatherman say. They won't for some time. You can forget about the humidity to help out, it's single digits again for us. They say its arson, if so then may God have mercy on the creators.

Lord, bring rain and bring it soon.

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