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That throwaway phrase on my last comment has got me thinking: If there were such a thing as a secret handshake among Reformed believers, then what would it look like?

posted by Rob | 11:34 PM |

"I defy you sh*t."

Yes, Luther was teh kewl. While it reeked of hero worship at times (understandable since the movie was pretty much funded by a Lutheran organization), the performances were top notch. Joseph Finnes is riveting in this movie, every time he's on the screen you literally cannot take your eyes off of him. As Luther goes through his crisis of conscience at the beginning of the movie and battles with the devil throughout, Finnes seethes intensity, doubt and fear without chewing up the scenery like a game of Rampage (Hmm...was that too much? Yes it was). At any rate, halfway through the movie I found myself totally buying into his groove. As far as I was concerned, I was really watching Martin Luther...granted a prettyboy Martin Luther, but Martin Luther nonetheless.

Karly and I were all set to go see Once Upon a Time in Mexico on Friday night. I wasn't really in the mood for guns though Karly was in the mood for Depp. At any rate, as soon as we passed by the screen housing Luther, we looked at each other and decided we both were in the mood for Reformation. I felt bad afterwards that my ticket money went to Mexico rather than Luther (my first movie jump). I mean, realistically what is this movie going to make? $5-6,000? Maybe $10,000? There were a whole six people in the theater that night, if even that.

Crackup moment: One guy upon seeing the sparse crowd complained to his female companion "What's this? Does no one care about the man who revolutionized Christianity?" I chuckled, our eyes met and we gave each other a knowing nod...then we gave each other the secret Reformed handshake...just kidding, there's no secret handshake...blood oath yes, handshake no.

Yeeeah, methinks I need to go revisit the theatres this weekend.

posted by Rob | 11:12 PM |
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