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If you are in the area of Southern California on Sunday morning and you notice that the sun is a little brighter and the dogs, cat and birds have all stopped their barking, mewing and chirping and your house uses more energy than normal, do not be afraid.

It is not the apocalypse, it is only I as I expose my doughy, neon self to the good folks at Raging Waters (Notice their motto: "XXL FUN"...truer words will never be spoken come Sep. 28). You see, Raging Waters does not allow their patrons to wear overshirts when sampling their waterslides, which means that patrons tend to see things that exist only in their wildest nightmares. Tharms, cankles, dins, cottage cheese dimples, and man-boobs. I can hardly wait.

So it has been written, so shall it be: I shall disrobe my upper torso and the world shall come and learn of me and fear me.

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Hello Pacman!

Goodbye Productivity!

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The company treated my group to another lunch today. This time it was Mexican food to say "Adios Amigos". Our little group is comprised of good-natured but suspicious sorts (heh, I wonder if we all sleep in the "Yearner" position) and are a little wary of all these free lunches and dinners both of the past and to come. Morbid jokes about "fattening us up for slaughter" and "last meal before we walk the green mile" abound. Nonetheless we continue to slog it out and will do so until Friday at 4 PM.

It's been a little strange to say goodbye to a job that I love. I'm grateful that I still have gainful employment that will continue to give me the same hours and pay. Not many companies will do that for their employees and WF really didn't owe us a thing. Things like that make me proud to work for this company. Going back to the phone bank won't be all that bad (he said trying to convince himself). At least I'll get incentives for selling products.

But I'll miss interviewing the job candidates. I'll miss making the connections, hearing their life stories and getting to know what makes them tick. Yes I'll even miss the ones with badly mangled English that make me repeat the questions 10 times over.

So where to go from here? I dunno. I want to stay with the bank, but I dont want to be a peon forever. I know that I won't. I would like to be a manager, but roles of leadership have always passed me by. I've always desired the manager positions wherever I've gone, but I never seem to get them. Maybe that will change, perhaps not. But I'm here and it's now and all I know is that today I've still got a job.

Matt. 6:25-34

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Last week I had the opportunity to speak at NCA's family chapel service. I spoke on the Ascension of Christ and blatantly ripped off Revs. Mark Horne and Wayne Larson while doing so. Without sounding like a total fanboy, their work and research in this area has been a source of great comfort and edification to me, so I wanted to pass the goodness on to others.

I didn't totally lose the kids during my 15 minute presentation, sure the eyes wandered and there were the minor admonishments from the teachers but all in all I think I kept their interest. This has been something I need to work on in teaching: I find that I get into pretty heady concepts when I teach and soon I find myself talking to the theologues rather than to the layperson. So there's nothing better to hone that skill than to teach kids, something that I'm generally unsuccessful at.

If I took anything away from the experience, it was the look on Joshie's face as I was speaking. He was just beaming so proud at his Daddy who was speaking to the class. It lasted for about five minutes though. After the initial excitement passed, it was just good ol', longwinded Dad talking about the Bible again and general fidgetery soon replaced rapt attention.

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Update on Jessica

Thanks go out to those of you who have asked about Jessica and have kept her in your prayers. We rejoice at the latest news is that she is out of the hospital and is home now. No report yet as to when she begins treatment, but I would imagine due to the aggressive nature of the cancer it will begin immediately.

Please continue to pray that God would pour out His Spirit of healing upon this child and her family.

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